- Status Current As Of 03/20/2009

Big Mountain (Flathead County)


Activities/Work Currently In Progress At This Site:

         No activity was scheduled for this reporting period


Issue Currently Affecting This Site:

         Conduit containing cables from the tower to the building was not sealed properly when installed so water was able to get in and is now frozen. This means that no more wires can be run until this conduit is thawed. This problem will need to be corrected before construction can be done at the site.


Future Activities/Work Planned At This Site:

         When approved by the IMFC, IMPM to create Statement of Work for the upgrades.

         IMPM to continue working with the county to help resolve issues.

         Infrastructure upgrades:

         Upgrade electrical service to 200 amps and add outlets

         Install additional HVAC system and remove old heater.

         Install new cable ports, run new cable trays, move cables to new cable trays

         Trunking, 4 trunked channels, 1 interop channel (2008-2009).


Previous Activities/Work Completed At This Site:

         IM Project Management is working with Anderson Zurmuehlen to ensure payment for the generator and cable trays is completed.

         DIR 061 was resubmitted to the IM with a reduced amount for the infrastructure upgrades. The Finance Committee tabled the DIR until the work session scheduled for 8/20/08.

         IM Project Management presented Decision Information Request form DIR 061 Big Mt Infrastructure Upgrades and Trunking to the IM Finance Committee on Monday 7/14/08. The DIR was tabled by the IMFC because the funding is not available at this time. IM Project Management was asked to bring this DIR back to the IMFC in the January 2009 meeting, if it has not been addressed before that.

         NEPA Status: Approved (Original Scope).

         NEPA Status: Approved (Additional Scope).

         Spectrum Fingerprinting team was able to go to the site on 5/1.

         Infrastructure to support microwave (100% complete, 2007)

         Install 80 tower

         Soil report

         Ice bridge

         Infrastructure to support trunking (0% complete, 2008)

         Additional shelter grounding (2008)

         Other upgrades as detailed above (2008)

         Microwave hop to Blacktail Mt. (2007)

         IMTC also approved moving trunking for this site to the 2008 construction year.

         A walkthrough for infrastructure was held on 8/12/08. An issue with the covers on conduit entrances was found and reported to Harris Stratex to be fixed.

         An existing, damaged tower is to be removed from the site and the antennas on that tower (Border Patrol) will be moved to the new tower.

         Jack Spillman (Flathead County) worked with the Forest Service and Border Patrol to clear the way to remove the damaged tower on Big Mountain. Work is underway to identify a vendor to bring the tower foundation below grade, backfill and reseed. Border Patrol antennas will be transferred to the new tower.

         The damaged tower on Big Mountain was removed and the foundation reclaimed on September 20th. According to Jack Spillman (Flathead County), the work has been reviewed and approved by Dave Ondov (USFS).

         Flathead County has taken responsibility for some of the infrastructure upgrades that were identified for this site, thus reducing the cost to the IM Project.

         IM project Management revised the DIR 061 to reflect the change in cost to the IM Project and sent it to Kevin Bruski (MDoT) for direction on how to proceed.

         BNSF terminated the microwave and provided cable for the IM to connect their radios into the microwave. BNSF voiced concern about the lack of cable trays on the IM side of the building stating there was no cable tray from the pass through between the BNSF room and the IM room to the radio racks. IM Project Management is working with Jack Spillman (Flathead County) to identify how much cable tray is needed. Jack provided the amount and the cost of the cable tray, which was used to revise DIR 061, which was sent to the IMTC for review.

         The transfer switch has been received and is ready for installation. The generator is scheduled be installed the week of 11/3. The HVAC unit has not yet arrived.

         Kevin Bruski (IM Executive Director) is working with IM Project Management, Flathead County Representatives, and the IM Finance Committee to finalize this site.

         Roger Smith (MHP), Dave Clouse (IMPM), and a representative of Harris Stratex completed a site visit to inspect the microwave and infrastructure at this site on Monday the 10th of November.

         IM Project management presented DIR 112 to the IM Technical Committee, IM Finance Committee, and the IM Project Directors and received approval to reimburse Flathead County for expenditures they have made to install a new generator and cable trays at this site.

         The guy wires that hold the ice shield above the bottom microwave dish snapped causing the shield to tilt down about 15 degrees. Harris Stratex was contacted and arrangements made to get the problem corrected.

         Harris Stratex was able to send someone to the site on the 22nd and the problem with the ice shield was fixed

         IM Project Management is working with Kevin Bruski (IM Executive Director) and Jack Spillman (Flathead County) to put together the NEPA paperwork on this site.

         DHS approved the NEPA for the additional work on this site.

         Sheri Lanz (DES) is working with Cindy Mullaney (Flathead County) to obtain invoicing information to pay the bill for this additional work.


IM Project Managers For This Site:

         Infrastructure (civil construction: towers, shelters, generators, etc.)

         Mark Adams, (406) 443-8676, Mark.E.Adams@ngc.com


         Dave Clouse, (406) 443-8663, dave.clouse@ngc.com


         Mark Adams, (406) 443-8694, Mark.E.Adams@ngc.com